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The annual cost of cyber-attacks in the US is now estimated to be more than $3 trillion. It is predicted that cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015. A 2019 report shows that 66% of SMBs worldwide had reported a cyberattack in 2019, with 76% percent of those companies were based in the United States. In the same year, hackers have accessed over 8 billion consumer records.


There are currently over 330k open openings for IT security professionals in the US, and with almost full employment in the sector, companies of all sizes are essentially fighting over the same talent. Traditionally, when faced with an IT skills shortage, companies have been left with little choice other than to outsource or offshore. But this is not as straightforward when it comes to cyber security.


Gartner predicts that by 2021 the cyber security skills shortage will be at over 2 million in the US alone, meaning that there will be over 2 million open security openings with no qualified candidates to fill them. This has the potential to result in a national security crisis and urgent action is needed to address it...


Our mission is to do everything we can to reduce the skills shortage and close the talent gap. We are ultimately going to do this in two ways – tackling both the supply and demand for security talent.

“The price of ability does not depend on merit, but on supply and demand”

Bernard Shaw


Code Red Staffing

In order to help those companies with the most urgent security requirements, Code Red will offer permanent and temporary staffing services; using our expertise in this space to help our customers attract and hire the right talent.

In doing so we hope to address the immediate demand for talent, facilitating the movement of human capital to where it is most urgently and desperately needed.

In order to successfully close the talent gap, we will need all of the help that we can get.

We are always on lookout for individuals, companies and institutions that share our concern about the cyber talent shortage and our passion for doing something about it. If this is you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

And if you are a security professional wanting to get a better understanding of what opportunities are out there or a hiring manager at a company with open security openings, then Code Red are here to help.

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Code Red Consulting helps high growth start-ups establish and scale their information security programs. We do this by supporting in the following areas:

  • vCISO - Virtual, fractional CISO services
  • Risk, Compliance & Privacy - Program delivery across SOC 2, ISO, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR
  • Security Engineering - Outsourced cloud, application, and software security services
  • Security Staffing - hiring award-winning security teams

If security is mission critical in helping your company to scale or you’re interested in becoming a code red consulting partner,

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