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Code Red were one of the lead sponsor at this year’s BSidesSF event, which was hosted at the Metreon in downtown San Francisco. Hundreds and thousands of Cybersecurity specialists from around the U.S (and even further afield) gathered to celebrate together and talk all things tech. It was a spectacular event; impeccably organized and executed from start to finish by Reed and his superb team of volunteers making it all possible (shout out to you).

The Code Red team were all in attendance over the event weekend and relished at the opportunity of meeting so many faces within the Cybersecurity community. It’s times like this that remind us how tight-knit and supportive this community really is and something that is of great meaning to us as a business.

Tom Alcock, Partner and Co-founder of Code Red Partners hosted a CISO Panel Discussion to talk around hiring, retaining and scaling top security teams, and talent. Tom has spent over 12+ years in technical recruiting and consulting across Europe and North America. He is passionate about Cybersecurity, diversity and inclusivity hiring. He invited some of his clients and industry friends to join him on the panel in order to explore how each leader has approached talent attraction, along with some of the successes and challenges they’ve faced when building security teams.

The panel included speakers Caleb Sima, Fermin Serna and Jessica Ferguson.

Caleb is a seasoned security executive, board member and start-up founder, who has spent his career in growing and scaling top performing security organisation’s at Capital One, Databricks and most recently at Robinhood.

Fermin is a security executive with 20+ years of experience as a technical leader of big organizations with deep knowledge in the security/vulnerability assessment and exploit development fields. He has scaled top security engineering and operational talent teams at Google, Citrix and most recently he’s building a team of rockstars at Databricks.

Jessica is the Chief Information Security Officer at DocuSign and is responsible for trust and security initiative at the company, including the protection of information important to DocuSign. Jessica has more than 20 years of experience in IT and Information Security across security architecture, incident response, and threat intelligence programs. Prior to joining DocuSign, Jessica held various senior IT and security roles, including the Director of Threat Defense at Alaska Airlines and leading international security team at F5 Networks and ServiceNow.

The discussion is now live for you at home to watch. If you are a hiring manager looking to build out and scale a security team, and don’t know where to start, this is a great watch for you!

Thank you to the panel for sharing their experience, wisdom and insight on the successes and challenges they’ve faced when hiring, scaling and retaining their own teams.

If you head over to the BSidesSF YouTube page, be sure to watch the amazing keynote talks from Astha Singhal and Jackie Bow, and the many other talks from all of the incredible speakers. Don’t forget to show your support for this spectacular organization by following BSides across their many online platforms throughout various cities in America.

If you have any questions about hiring top talent to scale your security team, or maybe you’re looking for a new role in security, please reach out to one of our recruitment specialists at Code Red who will be able to assist you further.
Code Red Partners is the world’s largest professional network of cybersecurity and compliance talent. Our mission is to bridge the cybersecurity talent gap by helping our tech partners to identify, attract, and hire award-winning security talent.

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